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The VIC: Skimboarding World Championship

Held every summer at Aliso Beach Park, The VIC is the World Championship of Skimboarding.

The VIC: Skimboarding World Championship

The VIC 2020 has been cancelled.

What is Skimboarding?

Skimboarding is like surfing, while at the same time, nothing like surfing. It uses a smaller shaped board with no fins and allows the rider to glide across the shore break of a crashing wave. These waves are un-surfable by traditional surfers, but not to the skimmer. The sport was invented by Laguna Beach lifeguards in the 1920s using planks of wood to travel down the shore between coves. 

Now recognized as an international sport, skimboarding increases in popularity all around the world. Victoria Skimboards, the first to manufacture skimboards, hosts the longest running skimboarding championship in the world. 

Highlights from last year's VIC

How Skimboarding Was Born