Your Guide to Murals in Laguna Beach

With more than 20 murals throughout Laguna Beach, you're sure to come across art like you've never seen it before.

Explore the wealth and creativity of local and international artists who have created unique murals in public spaces located throughout Laguna Beach! With over 100 pieces of public art sprinkled throughout Laguna, there is literally art around every corner, and these eye-catching murals help make our public art that much easier to spot. We have located every mural in Laguna and broken it down to three prominent locations, to help make your mural hunting a breeze. Happy hunting!

The Hive

1. Bear Named Pa'u by Chad Hasegawa

845 Laguna Canyon Road
Photo by impermanent_art

2. Spirit of Laguna by Beau Stanton

859 Laguna Canyon Road
Photo by alexislanz

3. Peep by James Thistlethwaite

845 Laguna Canyon Road
Photo by wanderingwallart

4. Aya by James Thistlethwaite

845 Laguna Canyon Road
Photo by djmorales_

5. The Shrine by Kelly Castillo and Sara Haase

777 Laguna Canyon Road
Photo by vervainee

6. Sirena by Brett Crawford

837 Laguna Canyon Road
Photo by lexithepupski

7. Mural by Chad Hasegawa

793 Laguna Canyon Road
Photo by trevorjohn510

8. Creatio Continua by Faith47

775 Laguna Canyon Road

Downtown Laguna 

1. Wings by Colette Miller

477 Forest Avenue
Photo by alejandrowega

2. A Day in the Life by Randy Morgan

294 Forest Avenue

3. Daytripper by Jo Situ Allen

311 Ocean Avenue

4. Main Beach Mural - Timothy Robert Smith

180 North Coast Highway

5. Keep it Clean For the Next Generation by Sandra Jones Campbell

248 South Coast Highway

6. Whaling Wall by Robert Wyland

509 South Coast Highway

South Laguna

1. Kobe Bryant Mural by Hung Tran

Cress Street
Photo by socherylecious

2. South End of Main Beach - (Artist TBA)

Main Beach

3. Mural by Roy Gonzalez

St. Ann's Beach
Photo by placepoet

4. Life Force by Dora De Larios

30801 South Coast Highway

5. “Swimming in Sea Life” by LOCA’s Mike Tauber and his 95 community artists

The Taco Stand on PCH and Cleo Street

Laguna Canyon

1. Super Natural Bloom by DabsMyla

Alta Laguna Park

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