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About Laguna Beach, California

The artist colony of Laguna Beach is Orange County’s hidden gem, located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Coastal California at its Best

About Us

Laguna Beach’s topography is unique to other California coastal cities with its seven miles of coves and beaches where visitors can explore sea caves, tide pools, ocean side bluffs, natural tide pools and of course, sandy beaches. Laguna Beach boasts the most beachfront lodging in all of California, making it an ideal spot for a beach getaway.

Beyond the beach, the city is home to more than 22,000 acres of protected wilderness, making it an optimal location for adventurous exploration. From world-renowned mountain biking trails for all levels, hundreds of miles of hiking, dramatic vistas, verdant hills and marine sanctuaries, there’s no limit of new places to discover during a visit to Laguna Beach. Pack your flip flops and surfboard or hiking shoes, Laguna Beach is awaiting your arrival.

The Visit Laguna Beach Team

We live and breathe Laguna Beach!

Empowering Laguna Beach:
Transforming Tourism and the Arts

The Laguna Beach Tourism Marketing Improvement District (LBTMID), formerly the Business Improvement District (BID)*, was developed to fund activities that promote tourism and related tourist events. The LBTMID is a 2% self-assessed fee paid by visitors staying at Laguna Beach lodging establishments. Of the 2% collected, half goes to the arts of Laguna Beach (Laguna Art Museum, Laguna College of Art + Design, Laguna Playhouse, Arts Commission Special Projects, and Cultural Arts Funding) and the other half goes to Visit Laguna Beach to develop and market Laguna Beach as a leading travel destination to potential overnight visitors.

Fueling Laguna’s Future:
How TOT Powers Progress

The Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), also referred to as the bed tax, is also paid by overnight visitors and totals 12%, which is collected entirely by the City of Laguna Beach and is placed in their general fund. Overnight visitors to Laguna Beach lodging properties generated over $15.4 million in TOT revenues for the City of Laguna Beach. Of that amount, $2 million was related to Measure LL, the 2% tax that was voted on, and approved, by Laguna Beach residents in 2016. This revenue source is also paid for in its entirety by overnight hotel visitors to the destination.

Laguna Beach’s Thriving Economy:
Attracting Millions and Boosting Revenue

Attracting visitors to the community is economic development, and, over six million annual visitors chose Laguna Beach to spend their time and money. Total direct visitor spending totaled $556.6 million, and equally important, was the $17.8 million visitor-generated local taxes for the local government.

*The Business Improvement District (BID) was established in 2001 under the “Parking and Business improvement Area Law of 1989.” In 2020, this assessment was updated and converted to the “Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994.”