Mind, body and soul wellness in Laguna Beach

The ultimate in living well and self-care is discovered in Laguna Beach.

Situated against the craggy cliffs and sandy beaches of the Pacific, we have been beckoning experience collectors for more than 100 years to our shores. Surrounded by deep blue waters to the west and nestled in the verdant sage-covered hills to the east, Laguna Beach is a haven for anyone who seeks rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul.

Settled and founded as an artist’s colony, we have always been a haven for connection with nature, self, and community. Today is no different; we have blossomed into a mecca for anyone looking to live well as they journey through the moments of life. Immerse yourself in the identity that makes a true California Original - a boundless opportunity to be you!

Wellness Tour

Meditation outdoors at The Ranch Laguna Beach

"Pathway to Zen” is the embodiment of the magic of Laguna Beach and its transformative, healing powers. By following the pathway you will experience a curated journey that offers unique and immersive ways to reconnect. Start your journey now and see the ways to live well in Laguna Beach all year long.