Local Guest Cottages In Laguna Beach California

​Part of what makes Laguna Beach so special is that in its earliest years it was a ramble of beautifully kept cottages, each with its own unique handiwork.

Today, these classic cottages still exist and one of the most endearing qualities of Laguna Beach is its insistence on maintaining these historic guest cottages and creating new cottages that harken to this era.

Guest cottages are available in just about every neighborhood throughout Laguna Beach. In North Laguna, along our “tree” streets (Jasmine, Myrtle, Magnolia, Cypress), it’s possible to situate yourself on a perch, overlooking the town and ocean. Or for a more chilled out beach vibe, settle into a “beachy” guest cottage where you can literally walk a few feet from the front door before your toes are met with sand.

A guest cottage gives you great vacation flexibility with all the amenities you need, all in a fabulous destination, with epic views.

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