Trip Planning

With a gorgeous 7 mile coastline to explore, there is an adventure around every corner (and on every wave), here in Laguna Beach.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit, every season in Laguna Beach has a unique experience waiting to be discovered. From arts and cultural events happening year-round or a one-of-a-kind wellness 'trail' that affords you moments of peacefulness and zen, we know you're destined to find your dreams here on our shores. 

Navigating Laguna Beach

Our town is made for exploring and there are numerous transportation options to get to Laguna Beach. So park the car, get out and walk your way to discovering the things you love.

  • Getting Here: whether by plane, train, bus, or automobile, there are many transportation options to choose from
  • Parking: if you’re on a road trip, find out where to park so you can stroll our walkable city
  • Maps: orient yourself whether you’re catching the trolley, walking around, or looking for toll roads
  • Weather: the Laguna Beach climate is ideal, but you can double-check to be sure - or find out when the surf’s up
  • Itineraries: travel plans curated by locals to give you the ultimate Laguna Beach experience
  • Dog Friendly: we love your furry companions - find hotels, restaurants, parks and beaches you can take them
  • Visitors Center: have questions or need assistance? - come say hi!

Staying in Laguna Beach 

Our coastline is dotted with boutique hotels and charming cottages each with its own personality. Many are located close to the downtown village and within walking distance of one of Laguna Beach's thirty beaches and coves. There are 26 hotels in Laguna Beach to choose from, boasting seven that are on the water, more than any other city in California! 

Dining in Laguna Beach

With more than 100 restaurants along the seven-mile span of coastline, you are sure to find any type of cuisine to satisfy your taste for the extraordinary. The majority of restaurants are independently-owned and this pride of ownership has served as the foundation to our world-class culinary destination.

Featured Attractions in Laguna Beach 

As a thriving arts community, Laguna Beach is filled with art events and exhibits all year round. From our renowned summer art festivals and Pageant of the Masters to our Music Festival and Film Festivals happening in the spring and fall, there is a festival for everyone to enjoy. There's more to enjoy so start exploring now.

Family and Kid-friendly Laguna Beach

Our seaside town is committed to preserving local ecology, so it’s a great way for your kids to find plenty of activities where they can learn about the environment and gain an appreciation for nature!

Many of our restaurants are family-friendly and have great views. There are also plenty of art-centric activities, live performances, and more to entertain the kids during your stay. 

Navigating Laguna Beach

Our town is made for exploring. So park the car, get out and walk your way to discovering the things you love.

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15 Free Things To Do

Stretch your vacation budget further on your next trip to Laguna Beach, with our pick of the city's top free things to do.