It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day is one of our very favorite holidays.

Mostly because we’re hopeless romantics, but also because it’s the perfect excuse to “TREAT YO’SELF”! 😉

We’re not the types that have a Valentine’s Day tradition, as we enjoy switching things up every year. We’ve done romantic dinners at home, “staycations” at local hotels, we’ve even hosted dinners with friends! This year we tossed around the idea of booking a restaurant reservation, but everything was either booked up or featured set menus that didn’t sound appealing. So, we decided to go a different direction!

A drinks and dessert tour in Laguna Beach! The great thing about doing it this way is there’s no need for a reservation. Have a light dinner at home, and then head out for a decadent night on the town. Sure, the restaurants will be busy, but chances are you can find a seat at the bar. And if you’re feeling spontaneous (and we hope you are), restaurant hop! There are SO many sweet (get it?) options in Laguna Beach. Here’s a few of our favorites:


Rooftop Lounge

If you haven’t experienced the Rooftop yet, you’re truly missing out. Not only are the views jaw-dropping (try to catch the sunset if you can), but the food and drinks are incredible. If you’re a mojito fan, theirs are some of the best. But, you truly can’t go wrong with a martini and rosé… especially with the sun setting in the background. Talk about romantic!


Wine Gallery

We just discovered the Wine Gallery and we are obsessed. Not only do they have a spectacular wine list, owner Chris Olsen has created an impressive menu as well. Even though we were only going for drinks, we couldn’t say no to the wood oven pizza. Paired it with a glass of Pinot Noir from Chris’s Private Label Mile 216, and it’s absolutely swoon-worthy. Oh, and their fudge brownie is insane!



This is another romantic spot that offers prime oceanfront views and delicious specialty cocktails. Located at Surf & Sand Resort, Splashes seats you about as close to the ocean as you can get, and the service is top-notch. We always ask our server what their favorite drink on the menu is, and their selections haven’t failed us yet!


Brussels Bistro

We love the laid-back, family atmosphere of Brussels Bistro. Located underground, it truly feels like you’ve found a hidden gem in the heart of Brussels… I mean, Laguna Beach. They have one of the largest craft beer selections in town, and a waffle dessert that comes with melted Nutella that is straight-up heavenly. We’re still having dreams about that waffle!



One of our hands-down favorite spots to have a cocktail is at Broadway. We love sitting at the bar and watching the talented bartenders create their specialty concoctions, and every one we’ve had is phenomenal. Broadway’s vibe is really cool too – it’s cozy, intimate, and bustling all at once. Definitely not one to miss!


C'est La Vie

Ever since our trip to Paris, we have a newfound appreciation and love for macarons. C’est La Vie has some of the best ones we’ve tried in Southern California, and they’re all so pretty. You order at the counter so what we like to do is pick a few flavors to try and then eat them as we walk around town. We highly recommend the Cookies and Cream.


Gelato Paradiso

If you or your significant other love gelato, then Gelato Paradiso is a must. They have more flavors than you can count, and all of them are authentic and totally delicious. For those of you that have dietary restrictions, they have a ton of dairy-free options as well. We like to sit in the quaint little alleyway while we eat our gelato, as it’s so picturesque and we can enjoy the smells of fresh gelato and waffle cones!

A few of our other favorites worth noting: THE ROYAL HAWAIIAN (get the Lapu Lapu and share it!), HARVEST AT THE RANCH (to-die-for carrot cake), THE DECK (another spot with killer views and right on the water), NICK’S (two words: butter cake), and 370 COMMON (end any night with Grandma B’s chocolate cake and it’s a good night).

Valentine’s Day or not, take note – as all of these are very date-worthy, romantic, and decadent spots! But we’re convinced that if you planned a drinks and dessert tour around Laguna Beach, your significant other will be totally smitten. Because what says “I love you” more than sweet treats and delicious drinks? Not sure about you guys, but that’s definitely the way to OUR hearts!

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Alli+Bobby Talley

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