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Skimboarding in Laguna Beach

​Laguna Beach actually founded the sport of skimboarding when Laguna Beach lifeguards began skimboarding on pieces of wood in the 1920s.

With the help of Tex Haines, the founder of Laguna Beach’s Victoria Skimboards, the sport of skimboarding is now a global sport. You will primarily find many professional skimboarders (with amateurs right alongside them) working on their moves at VictoriaAliso CreekWest Street and 1000 Steps beaches. Because skimboarding is highly technical in nature, beginners are encouraged to try skimboard lessons, which are offered regularly through skim schools such as Solag Skim School and private instruction with these same pros. 

Here are the beaches where skimboarding is allowed.


Best Beaches for Skimboarding

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