LGBTQ Nightlife Guide

LGBTQ Nightlife Guide

Thankfully the world has evolved and although gay bars will always be needed, wanted and loved, it’s now not unconscionable for everyone, no matter of who they love, to party, drink and enjoy the night together, under the same roof.

There was a time when Laguna Beach had its staple gay bars, which were a much needed presence during their reign of the beach city, and its very possible that in the future, more will make their way back to Laguna Beach, but until then, the city is filled with options galore.

The Seahorse

In 1926, a liquor store and a hardware store opened on the corner of Pearl Street and Pacific Coast Highway, and in 1946 it became its current namesake The Seahorse, which was actually Laguna Beach’s first gay bar. For many years, it operated as a secret watering hole for the local gay community until it was eventually turned back to retail as Laguna Auto Parts…and now it’s back to its original roots. The bar celebrates diversity and inclusion and is a bar for everyone, with a really special history for the LGBTQ community. It’s a great place to start the evening with happy hour or even daytime drinks.

Rooftops Made For Sunsets

Surf & Sand Resort in South Laguna has two option; Splashes Bar and 15FiftyFive to enjoy the sunsets with the latter having couches and comfy chairs around a massive fireplace, to lounge in. Splashes hangs right over the sand and is a bit more on the social side. Or visit The Deck, an open-air bar with fire pits and some of the best specialty cocktails on the beach.

Post Dinner Drinks

The Stateroom Bar provides a bit of history with your order with a series of drinks named in honor of other legendary Laguna Beach nightspots, like the now closed Boom Boom Room. Or hang with the locals at The Saloon, located along historic Peppertree Lane, and which gives off more of a speakeasy vibe. For something a bit more upscale, visit Wine Gallery, where even a wine novice can feel comfortable talking about different varietals (and don’t worry, they have beers on tap as well).

The Scene

What once was more of an age-old biker bar vibe, The Marine Room is now giving off some serious hipster vibes as proved by their impressive whiskey selection and live acts on stage every night. Mozambique also has a curated music scene but its best known for their Sunday reggae nights. 

Last Call

The Sandpiper or the “Dirty Bird,” as its affectionately known as to locals is Laguna Beach’s one true dive bar, and if you want more information on it, you’re out of luck, as there is no website…so just show up and take to the dance floor – no dress code whatsoever. Brussels Bistro is more of an international style nightspot with different styles of electronic dance music like house and trance, and the crowds tend to be on the younger end of the age spectrum.

With such a variety in places to choose from, it shouldn’t be too difficult to craft a unique night out in Laguna Beach. The good news is, most everything is within a reasonable walking distance, so once you park your car, or get dropped off by your ride-share (which we suggest using), all of your options are within a close proximity, making it really easy to hop, skip or walk your way from bar to bar.