Best Skimboarding Beaches

Best Skimboarding Beaches

There is no debating that skimboarding started in Laguna Beach.

Best Skimboarding Beaches:

In the 1920s it was the way for lifeguards to travel down the beach from one tower to the next and to ride “shore break” that couldn’t be surfed. When the surf-explosion hit in the 60s, skimboarding enjoyed its own new influx of energy. The top turn carvers becoming popular in surfing soon found their way into the repertoire of Laguna’s best skimmers—who had staked VICTORIA BEACH as their home break. 

In the 70s, with competitive surfing coming on strong, a new school of skimboarders made names for themselves. Two of these mavericks, Tex Haines and Peter Prietto, launched a company in 1976 named for their favorite break. In the decades since, VICTORIA SKIMBOARDS, has become synonymous with skimboarding. 

The UST (United Skim Tour) brings the biggest names in the sport together for competitions around the world. Presently, the top three riders on the leaderboard all hail from Laguna Beach. The biggest event of the season is “THE VIC”—held at Aliso Beach Park every August.  

You will find professional skimboarders, along with amateurs, carving up the waves most often at VictoriaAliso Beach ParkWest Street and Thousand Steps beaches. Because skimboarding is highly technical in nature, beginners are encouraged to try skimboard lessons, which are offered regularly through skim schools such as Solag Skim School