Explore Victoria Beach

BEST BEACH FOR: Anyone who hates being bored, because there’s a whole lot to do here.

Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach

Victoria Street is, without a doubt, one of Laguna’s most famous beaches. It’s home to iconic sights – like the famed “Pirate Tower” and a circular, man-made pool that blew up thanks to Instagram. It’s also beloved by skim boarders. So much so that the most successful skim board company on earth, Victoria Skim Boards, borrowed the beach’s name.
But while Victoria Street has a degree of fame, it remains one of the city’s most well-kept secrets. If you make the trek, parking on PCH and following Victoria Drive until you reach the steps, you’re sure to be rewarded. Not just with adventure, but also a degree of seclusion. To find a beach with so many features – from the volleyball court to the caves to the pirate tower to the swimming pool – that’s not overcrowded is a rarity anywhere on earth. Especially someplace where you can surf, swim, and snorkel.
Parking is going to be a bear (most likely, you’ll have to park on PCH near the Montage Resort and walk down the highway a few hundred feet), but free trolley access is easy. If you want to see the pirate tower or the pool, walk north. If you’re there to skim, head south. If you want a little space on the sand to spread out, you’ll find it just about anywhere. That’s the joy of Victoria Beach and it’s well worth appreciating.


The famed “Pirate Tower” – a perfect place to play scalawag.


Anyone who hates being bored, because there’s a whole lot to do here


  • Body surfing
  • Body boarding
  • Dog friendly
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • SUP (Stand-Up Paddling)
  • Swimming
  • Tide pools
  • Volley ball courts


  • Free and Metered parking along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) around Nyes Place signal
  • Free parking is in the surrounding neighborhood so please be mindful 
  • Metered parking along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) near the Montage Resort


Open year-round from 6 am – 10 pm


  • June 15 – September 10, dogs are allowed BEFORE 9:00am and AFTER 6:00pm 
  • September 11 – June 14, dogs are allowed during regular beach hours
  • Dogs must be on a leash that’s 6’ or shorter, at all times