Where To Get Your Zen On in Laguna Beach

Where To Get Your Zen On in Laguna Beach

Sometimes we all just need a few moments with our thoughts, or some silence and tranquility to help us escape from our thoughts and daily routines.

Whatever your reason for needing some Zen in your life, finding the time and making an effort to have your “me time” while in Laguna Beach is easier than you may have thought. From epic viewpoints to actual long walks on the beach to secluded beaches that almost feel as if they are your own private sands, Laguna Beach can be as relaxing as you need it to be. And the good news is, when you are ready to join reality again, you won’t have to go far. 

Lookout Points to Inspire You

1. Top of the World – Adjacent to Alta Laguna Park is the parking are for “Top of the World”. From this majestic viewing spot you will see panoramic views of the stunning rolling hills that lead to the Pacific Ocean. With several trail options to experience, you will have the options that take you down into Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness and Laguna Beach, in addition to neighboring towns. 

2. Valido Trail – Another awesome option is the Valido Trail in South Laguna Beach which comes with some steep climbs but comes with a really sweet reward at the end – panoramic ocean views, making it a perfect spot to take some deep meditative breaths before making your way back down. 

3. Ruby St. Park – This tiny park is a Laguna Beach gem. Located right off Ruby Street and Pacific Coast Highway, the park is truly just a viewing point with lush landscaping and a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. The park is located less than a block away from Moss Point Beach and Woods Cove Beach, so it’s a fun spot to have lunch or just a place to sit and reflect with your thoughts. 

4. Brown’s Park Lookout – Tucked between Laguna Village Shops and the Wyland Gallery in downtown Laguna Beach is this peaceful little place that is hidden in plain sight, with many visitors walking past it without even realizing it’s there. At the entrance to Brown’s Park you will find a bronze sculpture of a table, two chairs and a book, which hints at the park’s purpose. At the end of the walkway you’ll reach an overlook with a beautiful poem embedded in the rails, and as you stand on the wooden terrace, you’ll have a one of a kind view of Main Beach. 

5. Wyland Gallery – Spend some time walking through one of the most visited galleries in Laguna Beach. Afterwards, head out to their back deck where you can sip on a latte from their little coffee shop and take in the views of the ocean. 

Beaches to Feel Like a Castaway

1. Table Rock – One of Laguna Beach’s more secluded spots, this beach gets its name from the rock formations that lay somewhat in the middle of the beach. One of the reasons Table Rock is often empty is because it’s not very easy to find (which should inspire you to find it). To access the beach, look for a set of wooden stairs, located at the bottom of a hill just off Pacific Coast Highway, near West Street. 

2. Fisherman’s Cove – Similar to Table Rock, only in North Laguna, Fisherman’s Cove feels like a private beach at times. Most of the folks you’ll see here will be body boarding in the water, so it’s a nice place to find a comfortable spot on the sand to sit back and take in the view. The beach itself is already small during low tide, so look for a spot further back to avoid the water reaching you during high tide. 

3. Thousand Steps – Although the name eludes to a number that might scare you, there are only 218 steps, although on your way back up the steps, it might feel like a lot closer to a thousand steps. You’ll find the steps just north of 9th Street (metered parking is nearby). The beach is best known for its sandstone cliffs that reach the water’s edge. For the more adventurous, Laguna’s most popular sea cave, with a full walkthrough, can be accessed during low tide. And for whatever reason (it’s probably the steps), the beach isn’t ever very crowded, which means more alone time with the beautiful sounds of the crashing waves. 

Peaceful Walks to Help Clear Your Mind

1. Low Tide Beach Walk – Typically not fully possible because of the tide, during low tide though, it’s very much possible to take a very long walk on the beach. From Main Beach down to Pearl Street Beach, it’s even possible to go through the keyhole there. 

2. Hike Past Ghost Rock  – To find Ghost Rock, start at the Laurel Canyon Trail which begins at the parking lot of the Willow Staging Area off of Laguna Canyon Road and then climbs over some rocks with small caves. Following the path through a meadow, you will eventually spot Ghost Rock, which appears on the right. Once you’ve found the infamous rock, you can continue hiking up, passing a waterfall. Depending on if the day is clear, you can not only see the ocean but sometimes you can even see the Hollywood sign (bring your binoculars).  

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