The Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Laguna Beach

The Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Laguna Beach

What can make or break a good vacation? Food!

Laguna Beach is quickly becoming known for its diverse selection of outstanding places to eat. Fresh ingredients, creative menus, and a draw to organic and healthy options drive the eateries of Laguna Beach to provide delicious food. Both locals and tourists flock to these places and enjoy beautiful ocean views as a bonus. When traveling with kids, it’s important to know whether a restaurant is a good fit for eating with children. Here are some tried and tested options that make dining a pleasant experience with kids. 

Burger Joint // RUBY’S

The Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Laguna Beach

Step back in time and enjoy a fun dining experience on red chairs at Ruby’s Autodiner. Kids will love seeing the classic cars on display at Ruby’s. Save your pennies for the penny gumball machine! Hamburgers and shakes are the top ticket items at this ’50s style restaurant and the prices are beneficial. This restaurant is in a prime location with Ruby’s just a short walk away from Treasure Island Park and beach access to a sea arch.

To-Go Options for the Beach // SERGIO’S EMPANADAS

The Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Laguna Beach

A light and flaky crust encloses delicious meat and cheese fillings that are perfect to eat at the beach. Stop in to this little shop located on PCH between Thalia and Anita St. to pick up some fresh made empanadas and head down to explore the rocks and coves of South Laguna. Kids may love the 3 cheese or the prosciutto empanada filled with ham and cheese, but all the options are delicious. A quinoa or greek salad is the perfect combination to make for a delicious meal.

Fine Dining // LUMBERYARD

Lumberyard Laguna Beach

Prime steaks and fresh seafood are what the Lumberyard is known for, but my teen son also raved about his angus burger. This restaurant is located in an historic building on Forest Avenue and is a grand place to enjoy a nice lunch or a fine dinner. Families may wish to eat near the bar area with booth seating and TVs with sports, or the restaurant area with booths. It is rather dark inside in the evening, but is not too formal. The patio seating is perfect for a lunch with kids.

Breakfast and Coffee // ORANGE INN and ZINC CAFE & MARKET

Zinc Cafe Laguna Beach

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they say, and the options in Laguna Beach are delicious and healthy. Zinc Cafe specializes in vegetarian food and offers amazing egg dish selections. Lattes, cappuccinos, and teas are presented artfully and wake up the senses. Next door is Zinc Market with to-go sandwiches, salads and drink options. Orange Inn is known for it’s fresh-off-the-beach vibe with bar seating and huge muffins. Freshly squeezed juices, coffees, and teas make this place a fantastic place to start the day with kids.


Dolce Gelato Laguna Beach

Don’t miss some of the best gelato and ice cream in the world here at Laguna Beach. Gelato Paradiso is tucked down “Peppertree Alley” right inside a building. Let your nose guide you to the fresh made waffle cones. Right across from Main Beach is Chantilly Ice Cream where the selections are fresh and delicious. Stop to enjoy the local buskers under the hanging gate. A terrific option for your way out of town is Dolce Gelato, directly along Broadway St. These treats make walking the streets of Laguna Beach all that more sweet.

-Ruby’s Diner photo by MILIMM 

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