Live! Music Matters

Laguna Beach Library

Due to popular demand Laguna Live! has added another 4 sessions to their current series of Live! Music Matters – their free interactive music sessions for children up to age 6 at the Laguna Beach Library. The new dates are Tuesdays 1/9/2024 thru 5/8/2024. 
Attendees sing, dance, play child-friendly percussion instruments and enjoy all the benefits of Live! Music.
Laguna Live! board member Dr. Dan Haspert gives some insight into what those benefits are.
“There’s a fair amount of data that indicates that a child’s ‘bandwiths’ for music, other arts, and science, and that lifelong interest levels and abilities are set to some or great extent by age 4. Educators are consistently finding that music helps young minds learn new words and build listening skills.  Music helps develop writing skills.  Music and singing particularly augments the ability to build vocabulary in more complicated words. We hope Laguna Live can play a pivotal role in augmenting the importance of music and art, as well as head our youngest listeners toward better academics and better literacy skills.”
Parents in attendance told Laguna Live! that the thirty-minute Music Matters sessions are a high point of their week.
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Live! Music Matters is supported by funds from the Laguna Beach Assistance League.

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