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  • Phone: 949-494-2114

The Fragrance Boutique

The Fragrance Boutique carries over 750 different perfume oils. None of their perfume oils contain alcohol or misleading fillers. They contain only the oils that underlie your favorite fragrances. Using modern techniques (such as gas chromatography) it is possible to exactly match any fragrance with the same or better oils. Customers can also enjoy modifying a favorite fragrance to create their own scent. Perhaps the lack of alcohol and, in some cases, higher quality oils make all the difference. Ounce for ounce, their perfume bottles contain up to twenty times as much pure perfume oils as the typical Eau de Toilette, but choosing pure perfume oils is not so much a question of money, as a statement of value. With their perfumes and essential oils, you'll feel and smell great!