Picnics in Laguna Beach

Picnics in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an impeccable place to spend copious amounts of time outside, blessed with gorgeous weather all-year round and a unique picturesque landscape.

Our lovely town never ceases to amaze, and we take advantage of every occasion to savor the outdoors. Join us and celebrate #NationalPicnicDay with a truly alfresco meal on one of our many beaches or parks. Below are some of our favorite items we grabbed for an epic feast on the beach.

Picnic Spread on the beach


Zeytoon produces bright, dynamic and healthful yet hearty Mediterranean dishes that are all flavorful, unique, and picnic friendly. Whether you pick up a Mezza Sampler to share or a Falafel Bowl to chow down on, confidently eat this on the beach knowing you won’t feel any heavy guilt afterward.


Zinc Cafe & Market is a beloved local spot with fresh, vegetarian focused cuisine. When you don’t have to time to sit and enjoy a meal, Zinc has its market right next door with ready to go salads, baked goods, sandwiches and drinks. Check out their website for their daily soup, quiche and special dessert.

Zinc also sells Blessed Booch, the artisanal kombucha from the Laguna Beach Saturday Farmer’s Market, a great drink for your picnic.


The second you walk into this shop and breathe in what is baking, you will not want to leave. But remember, your picnic outing is calling, so quickly snag some of these handmade, freshly baked treats. The dough is flaky, light, and crispy on the outside, while the inside is filled with amazing flavor combinations. Sergio’s guarantees they will be the “best you ever had” or your money back. From the traditional Carne with ground beef, onion, raisins and green olives to the more eclectic Sweet Potato with black beans and red bell pepper, you will certainly find a favorite. Remember to get that chimichurri sauce on the side and use it liberally on those bad boys.

Sergios Empanadas


This casual yet quality pizza concept will be ideal for your picnic needs. Fast, fully customizable, and compatible for takeout, Slice has daily specials, classics, and a build-your-own option. This pizza travels well, and it will be the perfect shareable item to munch on for your picnic.

Pro Tip: For lunch, you can purchase a build-your-own mini pie with toppings for just $7.

Laguna Beach Picnic Spread


Sapphire is an international restaurant with a dedication to globally inspired cuisine. This passion project is meant to showcase some of the chef’s favorite products from around the world in a more casual, to-go setting. From the ready-made Prosciutto Cotto Sandwich to a more elaborate, made to order Kobe Beef Havarti Cheeseburger, you can trust that the pantry’s product will be just as quality and delicious as the restaurant.


This full-service French restaurant is right on Pacific Coast Highway in downtown Laguna, a romantic setting for a night out. However, for our picnic needs, C’est La Vie also has a full bakery right in front, which happens to be less than a block away from Main Beach Park if you decide to have your picnic there. Focus on their specialty macarons, which will be glorious sweet treats for your outdoor excursion.

Pro Tip: When you buy 5 macarons, your 6th will be free 😉

After gathering everything, we headed to Wood’s Cove Beach, a local favorite that’s secluded between cliffs. It is an ideal intimate setting to soak in the sun, sand, and sea. Wherever you decide to celebrate #NationalPicnicDay, be sure to share your experiences with us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM by tagging us @VisitLaguna and utilizing our citywide hashtag, #MyLagunaBeach.

Laguna Beach Picnic

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