Bushard’s Pharmacy

Bushard’s Pharmacy

In 1946 when Bushard’s Pharmacy first opened in Laguna Beach, prescription files were kept in wooden drawers and there wasn’t a computer in sight. Today although the technology is modern the “old school” atmosphere is still very much alive.

After graduating from Pharmacy School at the University of Southern California Joe Bushard knew that Laguna Beach was where he and his wife, Mary, wanted to live. He moved to Laguna in 1942 from his hometown of Anaheim and began working towards his dream of owning his own business. After renting a couple of locations Bushard bought property in 1960 and built the current location on Forest Ave. Joe’s daughter Sheila Bushard began working at the pharmacy when she was 13 and continued to work her way up as manager and bookkeeper. After being the pharmacist and owner for forty years Joe was ready to retire and his daughter became the new owner. Sheila and her then partner Tony D’Altorio, the pharmacist, ran the store for the next twenty years until Tony’s passing in 2007. Sheila then became the sole owner of the business. Her daughter Marisa is now managing the store and the family feeling of this community pharmacy still exists.

Today when you walk into our store you can expect to still receive the same personalized and friendly service that has always been a Bushard’s tradition.

Phone: (949) 494-1059

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