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This city is well-known for many of its facets, including its dreamy beaches and love of art.

While these popular attractions are quite special, Laguna Beach should also be known for its commitment to supporting local producers and farmers with unique and high-quality product.

Today we're letting you in on one of the town's best-kept gems: the LAGUNA BEACH FARMERS' MARKET. Whether you're a visitor or a local, this small yet packed area is where you want to be on Saturday mornings from 8:00am-12noon.

From fresh fruits and vegetables to artisan feta-based spreads, the Laguna Beach Farmers' Market will have almost anything and everything you need. Cold-pressed juice? Avocado oil? Organic eggs? Italian cheeses? This market has got it all.

When I arrived, I was immediately drawn to the brightness of citrus fruits. I walked over to what I thought was like every other fruit stand, but looking back, I deeply regret my preconceived notion. I chatted with the folks from Sunny Cal Farms, and in addition to growing the freshest fruit for each season, they specialize in cultivating all-organic and natural hybrids including Cara Cara Oranges, a beautifully, sweet and juicy mix between an orange and pomelo. Before buying, you can sample everything they sell, and co-owner Shaun Rosendahl will encourage you to do so because he is passionate and confident in the produce they provide. This is the move to make, trust me. If your stomach can't handle all their samples, then definitely make sure you start with the Coconut Roasted Almonds or Cold-Pressed Pomegranate Juice. Earlier this month, I didn't even know an orange-pomelo hybrid existed, and now I cannot imagine life without them.

Next, I ran into Blessed Booch, an artisanal kombucha company. Kombucha is the new trending drink that many people in the health industry are raving about for its multiple health properties. Owner Christy Rumbaugh is from Laguna Beach and became passionate about this "super tea" years ago. She works with a local network to create small, first-rate batches. For example, the rosemary in the Watermelon + Rosemary Kombucha is wild gathered right from Laguna Beach. Unlike many of the kombuchas on larger supermarket shelves, Rumbaugh uses concentrated structured crystal water, organic teas and organic cane sugar. Regardless, Blessed Booch simply tastes great and is a lovely drink to sip on as you walk through the market. Ask them for a "Booch Tasting Flight" so you can try all the flavors to see which one is your favorite. Mine is the Carrot, Tangerine, and Turmeric.

Craving something a little heartier? The market also sells tamales, empanadas, and made-to order crepes. Good luck choosing, because I promise you it won't be easy. Besides the market showcasing some of the best vendors, it is truly a community. Aly Rose Nava from Sunny Cal's informed me that the different producers have a great relationship and trade, "If I want some hummus over there, then I give him some oranges," a common practice originating from the original markets.

Whether you need a snack to satisfy your hunger, or you want to bring back worthy souvenirs, come explore and support this slice of Laguna Beach.

Pro Tip: There is free parking in the Lumberyard Lot from 8:00am-12noon for your market needs.

Thinking of extending your stay? LAGUNA BEACH HOUSE is a picturesque ten-minute stroll from the Farmers' Market. When you wake up, head down to the lobby where you'll be greeted with coffee, tea, and a grab-n-go breakfast option like Yogurt and Granola to take with you while you walk to the market. You can check rates and book your stay right HERE.

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Caitlin Sakdalan

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