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Coffee, a fundamental beverage dating back thousands of years, is a beloved treasure that most cannot live without.

It has become a daily staple, enjoyed at home, on the go, as a morning cup or a mid-afternoon energizer. For me, there is always a moment in the day where I have downtime and need a place to grab a cup, sit and recharge. When traveling, I usually find myself scouring Google Maps for the nearest spot that looks good. Today in Laguna Beach, you can sip back and relax. 

We finally have your much-needed café roundup with the top spots in town for your caffeine fix.

BLK Dot Coffee

If you find yourself in North Laguna, BLK Dot is your go-to spot. Even if you’re not, this industrial and modern café is worth the visit for some premium beverages. They’re known for “VTM” Coffee, slow dripped Vietnamese craft coffee, but we also adore what they call “specialties on the rocks.” Their Sea Salt Cold Foam Iced Coffee is a beautiful harmony of sweet and salty, making for an enjoyable creamy and cold summer drink. In case you are hungry, BLK Dot also serves breakfast and lunch all day. 

Zinc Café & Market

Zinc is like a breath of fresh air filled with relaxed Southern California vibes and influences. Whether you want to relax and chat with friends or read a book and people watch by yourself, we love this spot for its coffee, cuisine, and atmosphere. Order at the counter, take your number, and find a seat in their spacious outdoor garden patio. All their coffee is made with Intelligentsia, a company that does direct trade with its growers. Their Lavender Latte specifically is an ode to Laguna Beach, created with organically grown and locally made lavender syrup. Needing something a bit more substantial? You can’t go wrong with any of their fresh food options that you can feel good about filling up on. Our most recent obsession is the Healthy Bowl with seasoned quinoa (with soy sauce, cashews, shiitake mushrooms), corn, sweet potato, arugula, cucumber, harissa, lemon and olive oil. 

Koffee Klatch

Koffee Klatch is a hidden gem within Laguna Beach that is quite eclectic and quirky in design, reflective of the town’s vibrant art scene. You’ll find many different paintings and art on the wall, unique furniture pieces that don’t necessarily match, but work together, and just an overall cozy space that you can feel at home in. A must try: their Mayan Mocha with spiced ground chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla and almond. They also have excellent pastries like the Pecan Bar formed with a shortbread crust layer topped with a mixture of dark syrup, brown sugar, butter, and pecans. 

Urth Caffé

With several locations throughout Southern California, Jilia and Shallom Berkman have become trailblazers in serving heirloom coffee that is roasted in small batches to provide bold, complex, and delicious cups of joe. The variety of coffee and tea options at Urth Caffé seem endless, because well, they basically are. The menu both in food and drink at Urth are so large, it seems like the Cheesecake Factory of organic, healthful, and sustainable chains. We love the reliability and diversity in options here where you can keep coming back and try something new, knowing you are consuming organic ingredients that were properly sourced with utmost care. 

Laguna Coffee Company

Laguna Coffee Company has classic café vibes for people to comfortably do work or have a small business meeting. However, what truly sets this place apart is their ability to micro roast coffee right on site. Owners Rene and Tomi Miller have curated and created a quality experience that you can smell as soon as you walk in. In addition to their various bean options from their Honduras to their Laguna Blend, they also have specialty drinks like their Golden Latte. The name comes from its gold color and signature ingredient: turmeric. The added health benefits create a great excuse for you to order that cup you know you’ve been wanting. 

Nick’s Laguna Beach 

We had to end this roundup with a coffee drink with a little extra kick: the classic Espresso Martini from Nick’s Laguna. When your day is done, you don’t necessarily think to order something with the bold flavor of coffee, but trust us; this martini is the ideal pre-dinner or after-dinner drink you never knew you needed. Nick’s version is spirit forward, with a bold and bitter java flavor that gets balanced with the frothy, creaminess of their airy and silky homemade whipped cream that gets dolloped on top. It’s a dessert and drink all in one, making it the perfect nightcap every time. 

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