Spring Break in Laguna Beach - An Open Letter to My Parents

To my amazingly fantastical parents,

Remember when you told me it's more important to make memories than to buy things? Well, we can make so many awesome memories as a family if we took a vacation for spring break instead of being lazy at home. I've already done all the research and I think Laguna Beach is the perfect place to escape to. I've also already done the leg work and found three great hotel options for you guys to choose from. See, this already is turning out to be a stress-free vacation, right?

For really escaping it all, we could stay at THE RANCH AT LAGUNA BEACH.

The Ranch has the most beautiful surroundings because they are nestled back in a canyon on the original homestead of Laguna Beach. They have a 9-hole golf course on site and we would most likely cross paths with wild deer. That's right, deer! As you spend your day golfing, me and the siblings can experience the true beauty of nature first hand, so you won't have to worry about us being sucked into our devices all vacation.

I know you guys LOVE going to the spa and The Ranch has Sycamore Spa right on property. You will feel so relaxed after you take a visit. Oh, and guess what? They have a restaurant too! The Ranch serves farm to table food at Harvest Restaurant. They even have a garden where Chef gathers fresh herbs and veggies to use in his dishes. And, don't get me started on their carrot cake because I'll start salivating!

You also know my siblings and I are crazy about pools. We could spend all day every day in their heated pool and jacuzzi while you guys relax and sip drinks poolside. Picture it now!

Since The Ranch is in a canyon, it's set back from the beach. But don't fret, they have a bus that takes you right down to the beach, so we won't have to drive anywhere! How cool is that?


If you are envisioning more of an active vacation, we could stay at THE INN LAGUNA BEACH.

The Inn has fabulous ocean views because it sits right on the cliffs above the beach. Their views are so spectacular that they provide binoculars in every room, so we won't miss a whale or dolphin passing by. But the best view is upstairs at their rooftop bar, exclusively for hotel guests. You guys are always saying to stop and enjoy the beauty around us, and this is the perfect spot to see the famous west coast sunset. Can we please go?

Since The Inn is located downtown, the city and beach would literally be right outside our door. Mom, I know how much you love finding hidden gems at stores, so we could spend an entire day shopping at unique galleries and boutiques. If we want to spend the day at the beach I found a really cool ‘hidden' cove in my research. It's called Fisherman's Cove and legend has it that mobsters in the 1930s used to float in contraband alcohol on boats to sell in speakeasys in and around Laguna Beach. Did I mention the coffee? I know you guys NEED your coffee in the morning. And, guess what? They have complimentary coffee every morning at The Inn!


And the final place I researched would be perfect if we want to experience a beach oasis -- at SURF & SAND RESORT

Okay, you will not believe the views from the hotel. It is literally on the beach. The ocean comes right up to the property as the tide rolls and the waves would crash under our window as we drift peacefully off to sleep. We could wake up each morning and sit out on our deck and watch pelicans fly by while listening to the waves. Should I continue? The gorgeous pool has glass walls around it allowing for unobstructed views of the ocean.

Laguna Beach Surf Report and Forecast

We can take the staircase down from the resort and literally step right onto the sand. Picture it now, us kids running and playing in the waves while you guys relax on lounge chairs, or just several feet away from us at their bar that sits atop the beach.

There's an amazing restaurant at the resort, Splashes, that has the most delicious brunch and dinner. You know what else? Surf & Sand has a special kids package called ‘Snores and S'mores' where they would deliver s'mores and a tent right to our room! Even better you can take all the s'more fixings to their outdoor lounge, 1555, and we can roast marshmallows at the firepit as a family.


Since I spent so much time researching all of this, I really hope we can go to Laguna Beach for spring break. I'll leave the tough decision up to you as I'm not sure how you'll decide on which hotel. Since I know it's will be hard to decide, maybe we can stay one night at each hotel? Then we will get the total Laguna Beach experience. That would be an amazing memory making trip, right? I promise my siblings and I will be on our best behavior, just please say yes and take us to Laguna Beach for spring break!

Sincerely your loving (and extremely well behaved) daughter,

Sabrina Lou

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