7 Unexpected Photo Ops in Laguna Beach

You can take endless photos capturing epic beach views and sunny skies, but there are a couple of spots in town that shouldn’t be missed!

1. Laguna Art-A-Fair

777 Laguna Canyon Road

Earlier this year, Okuda, based in Spain, reimagined the façade of Laguna Art-A-Fair. It is nearly impossible not to get a good picture when you’re surrounded by an array of colorful murals begging to be the backdrop of your photo. Although this façade is fun to see year-round as you travel through the Civic Arts District, you can actually go inside during the summer when the arts festivals are in full swing. 

2. Colette Miller Wings

477 Forest Avenue

Okay, so maybe this one is a bit expected, but who can resist taking a picture with wings painted by Colette Miller located on the back wall of Slice Pizza? These wings are one of many sets of wings Miller has painted around the world as part of The Global Angel Wings Project. They were painted to remind humanity the we are the angels of this earth, and we are so grateful to have our own set of wings here in Laguna Beach.

3. Laguna Cinemas

162 South Coast Highway

It may no longer be open for operation, but it certainly still provides for the perfect spot to capture that fun picture with a vintage vibe. This old school cinema holds just as much charm as it did when it was built in 1921. Not to mention it’s conveniently located just around the corner from AREO, which is an adorable home accent store; perfect for finding that bold statement piece to brighten any room!

4. Phone booth on Forest Avenue 

On the corner of Forest Avenue & Beach Street

This phone booth is most certainly eye-catching, not just because of its bright red color, but also because of the ever-changing art installations housed inside of it. Installed in May 2019, "Super-Hero Changing Station" was created by local artist Robert Holton of Drizzle Art where Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman costumes drape from clothing hangers inside the booth, above a replica of Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer.

5. Old World Tibetan Door

298 Broadway Street

The door pictured above has been shipped all the way from Tibet and landed right here in Laguna Beach! Old world looking doors are really making a rise in the hipster-pic world. There is something extremely charming and unique about them that really gives your picture that perfect pop. London, Paris and Dublin are just a few cities to name that have Instagrammable old world doors, and now we can add Laguna Beach to the list! 

6. The Other Side of Victoria Tower

Victoria Beach

Yes, Victoria Tower is one of the most photographed places in Laguna Beach, but truthfully, most people tend to only shoot it from the southern side. If you walk around to the other side, you’ll find this antique staircase, and before you know it, you’ve been transported to an island off the coast of Greece. This is a prime and underrated location for that perfect hipster picture you’ve been longing for. We suggest that you only visit Victoria Tower at low tide.

7. Gold Wall

299 Ocean Avenue

This gold wall, located on the side of Bank of America serves as a glamorous backdrop to get that golden photo. Once you’ve snapped that perfect picture, stop by Zinc Café, which is just steps away, to enjoy a delicious latte on their quaint outdoor patio.

Have other Hipster spots that you like to capture in town? Be sure to share them online by using our official hashtag #mylagunabeach and tag us @VisitLaguna for a chance to be featured on one of our pages!

About the Author

Diane Chemali

Marketing Coordinator

After graduating from CSUF, Diane obtained a Communications degree with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism. She fulfilled her passion for entertainment/tourism by working at the Disneyland Resort and eventually ended up joining the Visit Laguna Beach team! During her free time you can find Diane on the hunt for the best coffee in town, binge watching Netflix, or traveling the world! 

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