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Laguna Beach Fishing, Charters, & Boat Rentals

​The entire coast of Laguna Beach has been designated a fishing-free zone as it has been a marine protected reserve since January 1, 2012.

The Laguna Beach State Marine Reserve and the Laguna Beach State Marine Conservation Area are two adjoining areas that cover 6.27 square miles offshore. Each protects all marine life by prohibiting the removal of marine wildlife from within its borders. In just the two years since its inception, we have seen vast improvements in fish size, type and number. 

Fishing is allowed at Crystal Cove State Park, just along the border of Laguna Beach. Click here for more information on California Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Final regulations and maps for all MPAs can be found here.

Pole fishing and sport fishing rentals, boats and tours are not far away, however, to our south in Dana Point (about 8 miles from Laguna’s Main Beach) or north in Newport Beach (about 10.5 miles).