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Laguna Beach Tide Pools Information

Visiting our protected Laguna Beach tide pools provide for a fun and informative way for everyone to learn about marine life as well as ocean conservation.

Laguna Beach Tide Pools Information

The Best Beaches for Exploring Tide Pools: 

Unlike its neighboring cities to the north and south, Laguna Beach is known for its spectacular tide pooling. From the deep, secluded pools at Thousand Steps to the easily accessible rock shelf at Crescent Bay, the city has no shortage of marine life just waiting for you to explore. Anemones, hermit crabs, sea stars – there’s a whole world just below the water’s surface.

Visit the various pools at low tide and keep an eye on the swell – getting caught on the rocks with waves crashing can be dangerous. It’s also worth noting that you can’t take anything from the beaches of Laguna, as it’s a marine protected area. This is an adventure in which you’ll walk away with memories and leave nothing behind.

If you’re looking for beaches that are easy to access with tide pools, Crescent, Diver's, and Rockpile beaches all have plenty for you to marvel at.  For first-timers or anyone eager for extra info, the pools at Main Beach and Treasure Island are easily accessible and often have docents on hand to guide your exploration. 


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