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Tide Pools

Visiting our protected Laguna Beach tide pools provide for a fun and informative way for everyone to learn about marine life as well as ocean conservation.

The famed Laguna Beach tide pools offer a glimpse into a whole new world under the sea, during low tide, which is the best and safest time to experience our tide pools. During peak season, tide pool educators and docents on Main and Treasure Island beaches will be happy to answer any questions or point out which creatures are which.

Tide pools are fragile ecosystems that take many years to recover so it’s very important to remember never to take any living or non-living items from the tide pools. In addition, be extra careful where and what you step on while on the rocks, as it’s important to ensure that the tide pools do not suffer any further damage due to human activity.

Important Notice: All of the tide pools inside the city limits are within a State Marine Conservation Area, meaning that nothing is allowed to leave these areas, including game fish, dead or alive invertebrates, sand, rocks or shells.

For your safety, please only visit the pools at low tide. Our beaches are open year-round from 5am-1am, and Aliso Beach Park is open from 6am-10pm.


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