Picnic Beach

Picnic Beach

In all of Laguna Beach, Picnic Beach wins the award for accessibility. It’s easy to reach, with a fair bit of parking on Cliff Drive; there are bathrooms just steps away, at Heisler Park; and the sand is reached via a ramp, meaning that it’s easily manageable for wheelchairs. Once you set foot on the beach, you’ll be treated to a nice swath of sand, backed by sandstone bluffs. 

Though you can swim here, the prevalence of rip tides and some submerged rocks means that you have to be careful when the swell is up. Better to wade in the shallows, build sand castles, or grill some food up at Heisler Park, before bringing it back down for a picnic on Picnic. 

The south end of the beach features tide pools and scores of exposed anemones, visible at low tide. Remember that Laguna Beach is a State Marine Reserve with “no take” rules for shells and sea life. The northern boundary of the beach is a simple rocky outcropping that marks the beginning of Diver’s Cove. Walking between the two as the sun sets is one of the all-time most romantic activities in Laguna Beach.


Kids charging up the access ramp from the beach to see if their parents are done grilling food at Heisler Park. 


Those who require or desire easy access, close bathrooms and parking. 


Dogs must be on a leash that is 6’ or shorter, at all times.

  • June 15 – September 10
    • Dogs allowed BEFORE 9am and AFTER 6pm
  • September 11 – June 14
    • Dogs allowed during regular beach hours



  • Open year-round, 6am-10pm

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