The Power of Travel in Laguna Beach

The Power of Travel in Laguna Beach

In Southern California, we pass by beautiful beaches, exciting amusement parks and thousands of delicious restaurants every day; but may not even realize how important these businesses are to our local communities.

Tourism is a vital part of our economy, providing jobs for local residents and making significant contributions to tax revenues that support city services and programs. 

The natural beauty of our beaches and attractions like the Festival of Arts, Laguna Art Museum, The Laguna Playhouse, Sawdust Art Festival, and many others, are the backbone of Laguna Beach. These places define our community, provide our families with jobs, and have given us, as well as six million annual visitors, a lifetime of memories. 

Travel matters, and it is extremely powerful. It improves Laguna Beach in ways that have a wide-reaching impact on our local community. Travel supports 5,000+ jobs in Laguna Beach and it also has an impact that we do not always see: travel can strengthen families, foster hometown pride, enhance the quality of life and build bridges that connect us with one another. “It’s been a tough year for everyone, to say the least, so we’re excited to be moving beyond the state’s tier system come mid-June. Due to increasing vaccination rates, coupled with declining case rates and positivity rates across the county, we’re finally able to see more businesses reopen, which means people can finally get back to work,” said Ashley Johnson, President & CEO of Visit Laguna Beach.

What’s also exciting is the way that tourism supports our local galleries, our well-loved small businesses, as well as our long standing, family-owned businesses. The travel dependent and hospitality industry is the largest small business employer in the U.S. 

“We understand the importance of travel, as well as the positive economic impact it has for our town, and though we will fully reopen, we will continue to do our part in educating our overnight guests on safe and responsible ways to visit us, ensuring that the health and safety of our community is first and foremost,” Johnson added.

We’re all in this together and it’s so great to see light at the end of the tunnel. So, with that, we’d like to thank our community, locally, and far and wide for making Laguna Beach a special place to both live and visit.

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