Famous Street Artist set to descend on Laguna Beach

Famous Street Artist set to descend on Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach welcomes street artist David Zinn to town. November 1-6, 2021.

David Zinn’s temporary chalk drawings are inspired by objects, street fixtures and even cracks in the sidewalk, in order to create 3-D creatures. From the curious to the playful, his monsters and animals breathe life to the inanimate object transforming the mundane into the joyful. 

Zinn will be drawing his creatures in the Heisler Park and Downtown Laguna Beach areas for five days. Join us in Heisler Park/Downtown to hunt down Zinn’s creatures as they emerge from the landscape and will be sure to stop you in your tracks. Play along on this creature “hunt” and be entered for a chance to win one $50 gift card to Rebel OmakaseSUEÑOS Laguna Beach or The Drake (One per family).

How to play along on the Creature Treasure Hunt

  1. Visit Heisler Park and Downtown Laguna Beach and be sure to keep an eye out for his chalk drawings.
  2. Snap a photo of the creatures you hunt down.
  3. Gather photos of multiple different creatures.
  4. Post the photos on Instagram and/or Facebook tagging @VisitLaguna, @DavidZinn and #MyLagunaBeach.
  5. The first three people with photos of multiple different creatures will win one $50 gift card to Rebel Omakase, SUEÑOS Laguna Beach or The Drake (One per family). Deadline to post is Sunday, November 7, 2021 by the end of the day.

Famous Street Artist set to descend on Laguna Beach

This art instillation is possible because of the City of Laguna Beach Temporary Art Sub-committee. Adam Schwerner, Chair of the City of Laguna Beach Arts Commission explains, “We need David’s whimsical creatures now more than ever. As the Arts Commission continues to explore every genre of temporary art, and you can’t get more temporary and fleeting than chalk art. It’s a thrill to invite David back to Laguna Beach after the huge success of his installations in 2019.”

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