Avoid the Mall and Shop Small This Holiday Season in Laguna Beach!

It's no secret that Laguna Beach is our go-to date night spot, weekend "staycation" destination, and our favorite place to bring our pup.

But it's also where we do a ton of our Christmas shopping! We do our best to support local small businesses, and downtown Laguna hosts some of our favorite spots for gifting - and for ourselves, too. ;) Here's our "Christmas Hit List" this year!

1. Hobie

Bobby here. HOBIE is hands down my favorite go-to surf shop. Whether it's picking out some flannels for my brother, some classic Hobie brand shirts for my dad, or grabbing a couple things for myself, Hobie never fails for selection, quality, and craftsmanship. If it were all for me, I would for sure be picking up a new board, a wetsuit, a warm Patagonia jacket, and some new Rainbow sandals. This is absolutely the place where Alli cannot go wrong when she is shopping for me.

Alli loves the brands at Hobie - this season especially she's obsessed with Barefoot Dreams. From their cozy beanies to their pillows...she wants it ALL. (Not kidding. These items are going on her Christmas list.)

2. Tuvalu

Alli here. TUVALU is my dream store. If there was a video camera following me around as I shop, (especially when they've decorated for the holidays), you would see me walking aimlessly around with my mouth open in awe. I WANT EVERYTHING. From the little decorative items to the amazing scented candles to the perfect assortment of Christmas ornaments...they have it all. It's my favorite spot for gift-giving, because the items are unique and of amazing quality. I'll be gifting all the girls in my life with a little something from Tuvalu this year. We also have a tradition where every year we buy a new ornament for our tree - this year was no exception!

3. Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry

This is no ordinary jewelry store. ADAM NEELEY started crafting gem stones when he was 12 years old, and was selling them in stores and at craft shows by the age of 15. He's one of the world's most sought-after and famous jewelry makers, and he's only 34!! His unique style is a product of studying in Italy at a prestigious gold-smithing institution, and also learning computer-aided design platinum smithing techniques in New York. What a combination! We love how intricate and detailed every single piece of his is... and every one tells a story. It's so much more than buying your significant other a "nice ring" or "pretty bracelet". They're thought provoking, hand-crafted, and completely remarkable. Plus, Adam is just about the nicest guy we've ever met. And the store is dog friendly!! Triple win in our book! Perfect "extra special" gift for that "extra special" person in your life!

4. Buy Hand

Something we're both really passionate about is knowing where your products come from. Whether it's the clothes you wear or the things you buy for your home, we believe in conscious, ethical consumerism. This is why we LOVE BUY HAND. Every product is handmade - whether by a local artist in Laguna Beach, or an artisan across the globe! The items are unique, paid for fairly, and every piece tells a story. It's an amazing place for stocking stuffers - and we absolutely love their candle selection. Why not give gifts that do GOOD this holiday season?

5. Sawdust Art Classes

We are all about experiential gifts. Sometimes spending time with your loved ones is the best gift you can give...and the SAWDUST ART CLASSES EXCEL in this department! These art classes are so fun. We recently partook in a Watercolor Class and in a Glassblowing Ornament-Making Class and they were both SO AWESOME. The artists that teach each class are masters at their trade, and are a blast to learn from. No matter your skill level (we were beginners for both), they will work with you and teach you all you need to know. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for your significant other, or maybe for your mom that wishes she saw you more. Regardless, they're a great time - and we've already signed up for more!

6. Faux Paw

Pet lovers, take note. FAUX PAW is your must-visit destination for the CUTEST custom pet swag in all the land. From dog bowls and paintings to custom-made pieces, you'll find it all! We love how artist Debby Carman is able to capture a dog's personality and translate it into whimsical, colorful designs. You can't help but smile when you're looking at them - they're just SO cute! Whether you're purchasing for yourself or for your pet loving friends, you're bound to find some treasures!

7. La Vida Laguna

On the hunt for the perfect gift to give your outdoor-loving, adventurous friends? LA VIDA LAGUNA offers guided kayak, paddle-boarding, hiking, and bike tours... and even surf lessons! From paddling along a hidden coastline to exploring a sea lion sanctuary - it's bound to be an epic experience. And what better spot to partake in these activities, than in picture-perfect Laguna Beach?!

8. The Shop

If you told Alli she could only buy her clothes from one store for the rest of her life, there's a good chance she'd choose THE SHOP. They have her favorite brands, "Amuse", "Stillwater LA", "Cleobella", and so much more! They even have one of our favorite kids' clothing brands called "Rylee and Cru"! The atmosphere is airy and bright, and feels as though you're shopping in your bff's large closet. Definitely the perfect place to shop for your fashionista friends, and to splurge on a few items for yourself, too.

9. Aviator Nation

We've been fans of AVIATOR NATION for awhile now. Their clothing has to be the softest, coziest, and most long-lasting apparel we've ever owned. And everything is made in the USA! We love the bright colors, the vintage styles, and... the trucker hats. Boy, do we love a good trucker hat, and Aviator Nation has a TON! Their children's apparel is adorable too. Laid back, comfortable, and totally cool...We dig everything about Aviator Nation!

10. Pearl Street General

So, we've driven past PEARL STREET GENERAL for years, and have always written it off as "just your standard corner market"! But we were SO wrong! From a Verve Coffee shop, to freshly prepared gourmet food, to a little speakeasy bar... it's easily one of the best kept secrets of Laguna Beach. They have an amazing wine selection and the people that work there are friendly and knowledgeable. You can even buy some of their famous homemade pasta sauce - and get your fortune read by Zoltar while you're at it! We could spend all day in this place!!

We've highlighted only a few of our favorites...there is so much more. We recommend making a day of it - or a date night! Take our advice and avoid the crowded, stressful, and chaotic mall by your house. Head to Laguna Beach, wander along the coastal shops, and treat yourself to a cocktail! Guaranteed it'll be your best holiday shopping experience to date. Happy holidays!!

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