Chartered Whale Watching Tours

Chartered Whale Watching Tours in Laguna Beach

Come and explore the beauty and diversity of the Pacific Ocean.

Chartered Whale Watching Tours

Southern California is one of the premier spots in the world for Whale Watching. With Laguna Beach being the only marine reserve on the Southern California coast it is prime feeding grounds for marine mammals on their yearly migrations. It is also home to the largest population of dolphins – more than Hawaii and the Bahamas combined! So if outdoor adventure amongst some of the greatest mammals on earth is what you are looking for, then we have you covered.

Laguna Beach is flanked by two harbors, to the north Newport Beach Harbor, and to the south Dana Point Harbor, the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World®. Both offer whale watching excursions to see the migration of Gray and Blue whales along with dolphins, sea lions, seals, and much more sea life. 

Dana Point is a Whale Heritage Site certified by the World Cetacean Alliance. In fact, Dana Point is the first Whale Heritage Site in the Americas! A Whale Heritage Site is an outstanding location where cetaceans (whales, dolphins, or porpoises) are embraced through the cultural, economic, social, and political lives of associated communities, and where people and cetaceans coexist in an authentic and respectful way.

Whale Migration Seasons 

  • Gray whales (November – May) – See whales that are nearly 65 feet breaching and swimming along the shores of Laguna Beach on their way to Baja to have their calves or on their way north to feed. 
  • Blue whales (May – November) – As the largest mammals on earth, these whales can grow up to 100 feet long and weigh nearly 100 tons.
  • Fin Whales –  Are along Southern California shores year round
  • Humpback whales – More rare to see, but can be spotted year round
  • Minke Whales – Along Southern California shores year round.
  • Dolphins – Seen daily along the shores of Southern California. Even super pods, which include thousands of dolphins at a time- have been spotted in Laguna Beach. 
  • Sea lionspelicans, and other seafaring birds, hammerhead sharksgreat white sharks and mako sharks are also common along the Southern California coast.

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