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Biking in Laguna Beach

​Laguna Beach certainly has its share of cyclists, from casual-use folks to mountain bikers and teams of high-level cycling that zoom from one end of our town to the other.

Laguna Beach is not necessarily "cruiser" territory as we have much more up and down elevation than you would initially think. Our cycle shops have come to the rescue, however, with electric cruisers that can be rented or purchased.

If you're interested in mountain biking, Laguna happily accepts all levels, and our cycle shops and representatives will be happy to dial you into paths and parks that accommodate your level of skill. We have miles and miles of off-road tracks you will come to enjoy. If you're just beginning to mountain bike, you might also consider joining an introductory class and rides at Nix Nature Center in our Wilderness Park.

For those of you riding on our paved roads (especially Coast Highway), and in the interest of your safety, the city of Laguna Beach has created sharrows in North Laguna Beach just east of Coast Highway, and is continuing their completion from Central Laguna Beach south on Glenneyre St. Again, the experienced pros at Laguna Beach Cyclery on Thalia Street will be happy to share more news and answer any questions you may have before you hit the trails.


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