Sunday Funday in Laguna Beach

Sunday Funday in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is one of the most visited and celebrated beach towns along the California coast. Its restaurants are world-renowned, its beaches are iconic, and its small-town charm continues to grace the covers of travel magazines and tourism guides.

We’ve been going on dates and exploring Laguna for years now, and have discovered some favorite “hidden gems” of our own in this picturesque little town. As much as we want to keep them to ourselves, we think it’s time we let you in on some of our best kept secrets. Watch our video feature for the details of our favorite hidden gems, or skip to the cliff notes below. But, whatever you do make sure to get to Laguna Beach and experience these gems for yourself. 


SHAW’S COVE – A hidden, “local” beach. Great spot to escape the crowds… but shh! Don’t tell too many people!

HEISLER PARK – This isn’t really a secret spot, but it’s one of our favorites! Stunning views of the water and a great spot to bring a picnic. And great for dogs!

PEARL STREET BEACH – One of the most picturesque! Boasts a stunning archway and tons of tide pools for exploring. Hop over the tide pools and you’ll find yourself at…

WOODS COVE – One of the best beaches for laying out. We’re all about that tan life.

VICTORIA BEACH – The only beach we’ve seen that has its own castle. Let us know if you spot Rapunzel, we have yet to meet her!


BLK DOT – delicious coffee and treats! We recommend the VTM coffee for something fun and different, and the avocado toast is relish. Order it to-go like we did, and take it to the beach.


ANASTASIA CAFE – This little eatery is tucked away into a chic boutique – and it’s a total hidden gem. Tasty breakfast and lunch that won’t break the bank… and their presentation is beautiful! We recommend getting a couple things and splitting them, and the fruit bowl is a must.


LA SIRENA – Ever since we first started dating this has been one of our go-to spots. If you’re a lover of margaritas and fresh and delicious Mexican cuisine, you’ll definitely want to hit up La Sirena. Just like Anastasia, it’s super affordable – but they don’t skimp on quality. Their guacamole is our favorite!

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Alli+Bobby Talley

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