Tide Pools

Our protected Laguna Beach tide pools offer a glimpse into a whole new world under the seas. Tide pool docents on our Main and Treasure Island beaches will be happy to introduce you. Check out Visit Laguna Beach's Emmy Award winning video of the tide pools.

The intertidal zone is the area between the mean high tide and mean low water line. It is the home to a vast number of species that create a balanced and very diverse marine ecosystem that can be closely observed and enjoyed by humans. The proximity to urban areas and accessibility to the public is not, however, as good for the tide pool critters as it is for us. For this reason, the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative was created with the intent of preserving California's diverse intertidal habitat to ensure system sustainability for the enjoyment of curious generations to


Please do not take any living or non-living items from the tide pools. Be cautious of where and what you step on while on the rocks. It is important that the tide pools do not suffer any further damage due to human activity. Tide pools are fragile ecosystems that take many years to recover.

Note: All of the tide pools inside the city limits are within a State Marine Conservation Area. This means that nothing is allowed to leave these areas, including game fish, dead or alive invertebrates, sand, rocks or shells. More Tide Pool Information


For your safety, please only view tide pools at low tide.  Below are the beaches for tide pooling.

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