Trails Unbound

From Radical Origins: Episode 2

In the 1980's Laguna Beach's hills and canyons were closed off from public access. But a new and persistent set of adventurers didn't let that stop them.

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From Radical Origins: Podcast 2

Listen to the trailblazing story of Laguna's extraordinary network of trails with extended stories, bonus interviews, and more.

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"They were going to try to stop us from what...? Having fun?"

- Mike Hall

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Jumping The Fence

Through the 80s, a small group of freeride mountain bikers found ways to explore the closed-off hills and canyons of Laguna evading cows, rangers and gun toting land managers.

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Freeride For All

Today, many of the trails originally carved by the RADs have become a vital part of the OC Parks' trail network while organizations like the Orange County Mountain Bike Association continue to maintain them and ensure our access.


Today, local and visiting hikers and bikers continue to enjoy a vast range of public trails without any knowledge of the blood, antics and groundbreaking cooperation that helped form them.

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