Long Live The Rejects

From Radical Origins: Episode 7

When convention undermines the creative spirit in Laguna Beach, the Laguna Beach creatives have always found a way to break through convention.

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From Radical Origins: Podcast 7

Listen to the full story of the authentic creative spirit that defines Laguna Beach’s artistic history and future with extended stories, bonus interviews, and more.

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"Extremely creative people who had just had enough of the rules and the regulations."

- Jorge Dubin

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Ramshackle Origins

At first, the tiny village of asymmetrical wood-built dwellings only attracted streakers and religious fanatics. But eventually, the artists won over locals with their handcrafted goods and undeniable authenticity.

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The Wild Present

Today, that contrarian spirit can’t be contained by the festival grounds. Artists throughout the creative colony continue to challenge conventions and imaginations alike.


In the years since the original Rejects Festival, Laguna’s Reject Spirit has only continued to evolve. The artist community still finds new ways to challenge the status quo and reinvent the town’s creative identity for generations to come.

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