Protect And Conserve

From Radical Origins: Episode 4

22,000 acres of green space and 14 miles of pristine ocean didn’t just happen. They were fought for and won by Laguna’s audacious artists and activists.

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From Radical Origins: Podcast 4

Listen to the epic stories of the clashes that birthed Laguna Beach’s open spaces and marine protected areas with extended stories, bonus interviews, and more.

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"It’s a conservation story that shows the power of citizen activism to make a positive difference."

- Chad Nelsen

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A Small Dream

Laguna Beach’s environmental movement started with a vision of James Dilley’s, and turned into a citizen activism movement to not only protect his vision, but to expand it.

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From Greenbelts to Bluebelts

Today, what started as an effort to protect the wild canyons and open spaces that surround Laguna Beach has extended to include miles of ocean sanctuary as well, both teaming with life.


Laguna’s hills and beaches continue to attract visitors, artists, and new residents just like they did over 100 years ago. While the progress we’ve made is a tremendous achievement, the job is never done. The fight to protect Laguna’s natural spaces continues today as new generations of activists build on the work that came before them.

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