Pageant of the Masters

Celebrating their 84th anniversary, Pageant of the Masters is arguably one of the most unique productions in the entire world. Taking place at the Festival of Arts grounds in Laguna Beach, audiences are amazed by 90 minutes of tableaux vivants ("living pictures"), incredibly faithful re-creations of classical and contemporary works of art, with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts in the original pieces.

An outdoor amphitheater, professional orchestra, intricate sets, sophisticated lighting, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers have won recognition for the Pageant of the Masters as the best presentation of its kind.

Fun Facts

  • Around 1,200 people (volunteers) try out to be in the show. Approximately 500 are either cast or work behind the scenes. They contribute more than 60,000 hours. The youngest cast member to date was 4 years old and the oldest cast member was in their late 80s.

  • The first Pageant of the Masters in 1933 ran only 8 days. Today, the Pageant has 56 performances.

  • Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper was first presented as the traditional finale in 1936. Since then, there have only been 3 years that da Vinci's The Last Supper was not re-created in the show.

  • The Pageant has rained out only three times in its entire history!

 Pageant of the Masters - Make-Up   Pageant of the Masters - Dream of a Sunday

  Pageant of the Masters - Stage  Pageant of the Masters - Botticeli Primavera

2017 Theme "The Grand Tour"

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the desire to experience the world's great art firsthand inspired the European tradition of continental travel on "the grand tour." Inspired to set out on pilgrimages by land and sea to the great cultural centers of Europe, and eventually the globe, those early travelers often risked life and limb to stand in the presence of masterpieces.

Your Pageant ticket to THE GRAND TOUR becomes your passport to experience spectacle, music, stories and grand illusions as masterpieces come to life. Book your passage now for this breathtaking theatrical journey through the centuries in search of unforgettable art.

When: July 7 - August 31, 2017 (starts at 8:30 p.m. and lasts for 90 minutes)

Where: 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (outdoor amphitheater)

Admission: Advance tickets $15-$230

A Pageant ticket entitles one to free, unlimited admission to the Festival of Arts grounds all summer long. The Festival of Arts is the longest-running outdoor fine art exhibition in California, which features artwork from 140 award-winning artists from Orange County. Live concerts, dessert pairings and tours are also part of the festival that runs from July 5 - August 31, 2017.

In addition, you may also gain free admission to Laguna Art-A-Fair on the day that your Pageant ticket is valid. The Laguna Art-A-Fair is a fine art festival that includes over a hundred local and national artists, fine cuisine and workshops. The festival is open daily from June 30-September 3, 2017.

Purchase a Passport to the Arts for $24 and receive unlimited admission all summer long to the three art festivals, Festival of Arts, Laguna Ar-A-Fair, and Sawdust Art Festival. Each passport also includes a one-time free parking pass at the Act V parking lot.  You can purchase your passport online, at any festival box office or at the Official Visitors Center.  Passports exclude admission to the Pageant of the Masters. 

A Behind-the-Scenes Look


Pageant of the Masters Casting


Pageant of the Masters Makeup

Headpiece Application

Pageant of the Masters Headpiece Application


Pageant of the Masters Costume


Pageant of the Masters Stage

Tableau Vivant/Living Picture

Pageant of the Masters - Tableau Vivant



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