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Your idea of a fitness routine in Laguna Beach might mean walking to your beach umbrella each morning, and we're perfectly fine with that definition.

If, however, you are interested in something a bit more strenuous, you can rest assured - Laguna Beach offers a vast variety of gym and fitness options. You will find the same innovative, independently owned "boutique" fitness studios as you will find in our shopping and art gallery boutiques. Some studios might cater to a specific sport (Bikram yoga, pilates or spin classes, for example), while others provide more of an upscale gym experience with a larger variety of weight training equipment, treadmill and spin equipment, various fitness classes and more.

If you prefer personal fitness instruction, there are a number of certified personal trainers in Laguna Beach who are happy to customize a program to your fitness level and goals. This is not limited to trainers who have you lifting weights or running stairs, but those who teach individual yoga, Pilates, Barre classes, surfing, stand-up paddle and swimming, too.

Whether you choose a gym and fitness routine indoors or outside, Laguna Beach has the answer for your next level of success. Step up and enjoy!


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