Vladimir Kush presents his New Original Painting “Lockdown”

Vladimir Kush presents his New Original Painting “Lockdown”

April 17, 2020

World-renowned Artist and the creator of Metaphorical Realism Vladimir Kush and Kush Fine Art Galleries present his latest Artwork: “Lockdown” Oil on Board (size 20”x16”).

The painting shows a serpent biting its tail representing the symbolism of eternity and the cyclical character of time. In Egypt it referred to the sun returning daily to the setting point and disappearing into another world. The Greeks used this image as an illustration of death and resurrection. It is also a symbol that accompanies a well-known maxim of “all in one” (or “two in one”).

The self-biting snake is a society overwhelmed with coronavirus panic. We are in the grip of an all-out pandemic of fear. This depressive atmosphere weakens our immune system – experts say it is like psychogenic AIDS and can have dangerous effects: people will be scared to death, wasting, as the gospel says, from fear and anticipation of imminent global disasters.  Our psyche is wired that way and our immune system is greatly affected by the psychosocial conditions. We are being skillfully immersed in a ‘panic meltdown’ – such is the psychogenic key to what the society is going through.    

The lockdown has brought chaos to people’s lives and the world’s economy. By definition a lockdown prevents people or information from leaving an area. An imposed lockdown has shifted people’s perception of the world and their ability to live in a free world. Has society been living in a mirage of freedom? However, in times of crisis humans look for a “kindred spirit” for compassion and reflection. Discovering and exploring beyond our imagination to remove the panic and fear caused by the lockdown. Metaphor has no limits, building a bridge between the imperceptible and our imagination. The key to the rebirth of society and the end of the lockdown as “two in one’ will shift the mindset of people from fear to normality.

Kush explains:  "The American Dream means more than just material prosperity.  It allows people to realize their ambitions and dreams, to receive adequate compensation and the recognition they deserve for their talents. That said, I still find myself doing some of my most radiant paintings, bursting with color and daring flights of fantasy, while traveling the world, and some of the less dashing stuff emerges against the background of living in a fairy-tale environment in Hawaii."

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