KX FM raises nearly $3,000 to support out-of-work musicians with #LiveFromHome

KX FM raises nearly $3,000 to support out-of-work musicians with #LiveFromHome


Laguna’s radio station KX FM recently launched a fundraising campaign to support gigging musicians who are out of work due to COVID-19. Called #LiveFromHome, 12 participating bands and solo artists performed a song on video, which was shared exclusively to KX FM’s Facebook page.

Since the fundraiser began on Apr. 23, the station has raised almost $3,000, 100% of which will be distributed evenly among the participating artists.

“People are talking plenty about restaurants, retail, and other businesses that are suffering due to the pandemic,” said station founder Tyler Russell McCusker. “But not enough folks are talking about musicians who are suffering, and many of them are the lifeblood of our artistic culture. This fundraiser is least we could do to utilize our reach to support them.”

The donation campaign is still active, and you can support and view all the videos by visiting https://www.facebook.com/donate/727276464743495/.

The performing artists included Steve and Beth Wood, The Jacks, Love Ghost, Joey Sykes, Rhett Repko, Belle and the Dragon, Trapdoor Social, The Great North Special with Andrew Corradini, The Brevet, Lenelle Hamil, Paul Mars Black and Zach Churchill.

According to Russell McCusker, there is still a lot of participation interest from other artists, so the station may consider a second round.

About KX FM

Founded Oct. 2012, KX FM is the only licensed FM radio station in Laguna Beach’s history. It is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station with hundreds of volunteer contributors, focused on the music, the listener, and the local community. KX FM provides a voice and a creative outlet for musicians, bands and artists often ignored by commercial radio.

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