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Where To Host A Reunion In Laguna Beach

It's never a surprise when the Laguna Beach High School reunion returns to Laguna Beach - it's been a consistent event since the school was founded in 1934.

We play host to so many other reunions, though (even other high schools that aren't even in the same state!).

A reunion planned here in Laguna Beach could be no better memory. Invite your family. Invite your friends. Invite your wedding party from 50 years ago. In fact, invite anyone in your life for any reunion reason, and we'll bet they'll do their very best to find their way to Laguna Beach.

On our side, we happen to love reunions. We love to show off this lovely town. Our hotels, resorts, private beach houses and many restaurants and "trip enhancers" (guided tours, scuba lessons, SUP lessons, wine tastings, etc.) are ready to make your moment one for the scrapbooks.


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