• Laguna Beach, California

Tuesday Talkies: Film Screenings

Join other film buffs to screen award-winning recent cinema from around the globe for Tuesday Talkies at the Susi Q. The class meets Tuesdays from January 14 through March 31, from 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. 
Stay for a class discussion regarding the “true story” for historic or biographic subjects; for more fictional selections, conversation will focus on aesthetics like art direction, foreshadowing, and symbolism. 
This shared appreciation promises to widen perspectives on film-making as a collaborative art form. This semester’s theme features mostly recent award-winning movies from worldwide film festivals. 
Film festival favorites will include: 
--January 14: The Arctic, 2019, Iceland, 98 min. A plane crash survivor faces a difficult choice. Shot in 19 days. Stars Mads Mikkelsen. 
--January 21: Zama, 2017, Argentina, 115 min. Writer/director Lucrecia Martel based this on a 1956 novel about a 17th century Spanish officer awaiting a transfer to Buenos Aires.
--January 28: The Guilty, 2018, Denmark, 85 min. Gustav Moller helms this crime drama about a kidnapped woman’s call to a police dispatcher. Won 36 awards.
--February 4: Eighth Grade, 2018, USA, 93 min. Director/writer Bo Burnham conveys modern life through his introverted protagonist as she navigates the final days of her middle-school career. Won 56 awards, including DGA and WGA.
--February 11: The Wild Pear Tree, 2018, Turkey, 168 min. A college graduate returns to his hometown, hoping to publish his book.
--February 18: The Heiresses, 2018, Paraguay, 98 min. Lifelong friends sell family heirlooms to survive financial straits. Also won 36 awards.
--February 25: A Simple Favor, 2018, USA, 117 min. Directed by Paul Feig, no wonder this won “Campy Flick of the Year” by GALECA. Stars Anna Kendrick.