South Laguna’s locals are very passionate about TABLE ROCK beach and we understand why. The large, flat-topped rock formation that gives the beach its name protrudes into the water—making for frame-worthy photos as the waves crash against it. Like Boat Canyon, the beach is backed by cliffs, with enough hidden nooks and corners for a couple to get a sense of privacy. You won’t find many families at Table Rock, leaving it peaceful and serene—two key ingredients for the perfect date. 

TABLE ROCK’S BEST SPOT: The best spot at Table Rock is what inched it ahead of Boat Canyon on this list: the famed Hidden Beach. Intrepid date planners can walk to the south end of the beach and swim around a rock that extends out into the water. There you’ll find a secluded sliver of sand just big enough for one lucky couple to enjoy a beach all to themselves. 


Hidden Cove Treasure Island
Hidden Cove by Baldemar Fierro

Treasure Island Park, managed by Montage Laguna Beach as part of their usage agreement with the city, has everything you could ask for: spreading lawns, bathroom facilities, picnic tables, and high bluffs for sunset viewing. The beaches below the park to the north and south are stunning—with craggy rock formations, white sand, and plenty of space. It’s not the least bit unusual to see a proposal on either beach. But what makes TREASURE ISLAND the most romantic beach in town (besides a name that conjures visions of the age of sail) is its variety. Walk hand in hand all the way south to Aliso Creek, explore tide pools as a couple, swim in the crystalline coves, read in the grass, or picnic on the powdery sand. You won’t be disappointed. Neither will your date. 


All of Treasure Island is spectacular, but its crown jewel is “Secret Cove”, a small inlet with two access points—both of which require climbing over the rocks (come from the north, it’s much easier). It’s no surprise that this secluded half-moon bay has been used for weddings, music videos, and swimsuit shoots. It’s absolutely stunning.  

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