Travel Safe. Visit Safe.

The vibrancy of the Laguna Beach community has allowed us to pull through, and we are now stronger than ever. Our creative heritage has energized us, and we are ready to welcome you back to Laguna Beach safely.

Although we are ready to welcome you back to our slice of paradise, we are moving ahead thoughtfully, doing our part to ensure we are taking all necessary precautions to protect all of us from the spread of COVID-19 in our community. 

Safety Guidelines for our Residents, Businesses, and Visitors

We have partnered with the City of Laguna Beach and our hotel community to implement guidelines to keep COVID-19 cases flat. By referencing CDC guidance, Governor Newsom's guidelines for California and the Orange County Public Health Department, we are working with businesses citywide to ensure they have the information and tools to re-open safely and successfully.

We are publishing these guidelines so you are aware of how we are all working together at a state, county, and local level in order to stay committed to a clean environment for all of us that live, work, and visit Laguna Beach.  


Visit Safe

We are committed to making Laguna Beach a safe destination and ask that anyone coming into town follow these simple steps in order to keep all of us safe, and the curve flat. 

  • Masks are required in public spaces
  • Limit contact with others
  • Physical 6ft distancing required in public spaces 
  • Physical Distancing (6-feet) on the beach
  • Physical Distancing (6-feet) on the trails
  • Reduced capacity in restaurants 
  • Open air dining available

As we observe these safety tips, we can all enjoy Laguna Beach with the confidence that we are all doing our part in being responsible and keeping our community healthy. 

To learn more detailed information on the opening and closings of Laguna Beach restaurants, retailers, hotels, and activities please visit our COVID Advisory page. 


In partnership with the city of Laguna Beach and the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce we have implemented the  CLEAN. SAFE. READY pledge. Each business that signs onto the pledge has committed to uphold the cleanliness guidelines by the federal state and county health officials. In addition, to uphold the safety guidelines and best practices laid forth by the CDC, American Hotel & Lodging Association, California Hotel & Lodging Association, the National Restaurant Association, the Food & Drug Administration, and others. When you see the pledge decal in a business window you can be reassured the the business is doing all they can to ensure your health and safety.

All of our city beaches (open 6am-10pm), as well as the county beaches are open for normal use. We do ask that you physically distance 6-feet from others while enjoying the beach. 

Open Beaches

With 20,000 acres of open space and 7-miles of a protected marine environment, there are myriad of activities to enjoy in the nature surrounding Laguna Beach. 

Outdoor Activities

Our restaurants are ready to serve you and have implemented new standards of cleanliness, reduced capacities, and distanced seating. 

Open Restaurants

The Laguna Beach hotel community is committed to your safety. Each property has ensured they are following the guidelines set forth by the California Hotel and Lodging Association for health and safety protocols.  

Open Hotels

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