Restaurants in Laguna Beach

Over the years, Laguna Beach has established itself as a world-class culinary destination. What this means for you? You are so in for a treat!

With more than 90 restaurants along the 8-mile span of coastline, you are sure to find any type of cuisine for any mood and on any budget.  The majority of our restaurants are independently owned; there are no large chains or franchises in Laguna Beach. This pride of ownership has served as the foundation for our gourmet renown, and you see it reflected in every type of restaurant, from 5-star Forbes recipients, such as Studio at Montage, to the charming storefront serving up immaculate fish tacos, such as Tommy Bahama or Tortilla Republic. The restaurateurs here in Laguna Beach are able to create without limit ... and they do.

Millions of people around the world now claim a gluten-free diet, and this is hardly insignificant. Our Laguna Beach chefs have created many gluten-free recipes, and some, like GG's Cafe Bistro, offer entirely gluten-free menus; it's rare that you will come across any restaurant in Laguna that does not cater to the gluten-free diner.

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