Green Meetings

We understand that you want to plan and execute green meetings that are more environmentally and economically responsible. In recent years, we've had many such requests and, given that Laguna Beach is an award-winning city in "green thinking," you can count on us to provide progressive ideas and solutions for you.

For us, Laguna Beach wouldn't be Laguna Beach if not for the ongoing efforts and proactive governance put in place decades ago to protect this beautiful landscape. As the years have progressed, we continue to diligently seek ways to give back to the environment.

Aside from recycling and composting programs, Laguna Beach provides mass transit (particularly in our peak season, late-June through August), city walkability and ready access to environmental resources. Additionally, our restaurants, retailers and hotels/resorts are involved in sustainability and green initiatives.

Check out the 2018 Official Laguna Beach Visitors Guide and start planning your trip today!

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