Native American Indian/Natural History Tour

  • 01.17
  • Recurring daily
  • Main Beach
  • Laguna Beach, CA 92651
$60.00 PER TOUR, 1-10 people
714 474 6199

The Tongva people migrated from Utah and Nevada approximately 4000 years ago. The Spanish colonists named them "Los Gabrielinos." It is estimated that there were 5,000-10,000 members of the Tongva tribe when the Europeans arrived. Now, there are less than 2000 individuals who consider themselves to be Tongva. This 90-minute tour celebrates how they lived in harmony with the land.

Meet at Hotel Laguna, walk on the sand from Main Beach to Bluebird Canyon and back to the hotel. Learn how the Tongva people survived for thousands of years in southern California. What did they eat? How did they build their homes? What was important in their spiritual lives? How did they adorn themselves? How did they use plants, animals and natural materials? Touch real artifacts, hear a "bullroarer" and see the beautiful coastline. Some natural history will be discussed, too. Take time to stop and smell the sages!

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9 years old and up
$60.00 PER TOUR, 1-10 people.
One person pays $80, 10 people pay $8 each, etc. CASH ONLY.
There are ATMS at 397 South Coast Highway and 400 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, 92651.
Meet in the lobby of the Hotel Laguna at 425 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, 92651.