America’s only “Coffin Escape Room”

  • 10.21 - 10.31
  • Recurring daily
  • 31706 South Coast Hwy.
  • Laguna Beach, CA 92651
$15 per person
949 357 2871

This Halloween season, the "escape room" concept will be re-invented and implanted into two custom-built coffins. Players will enter each coffin individually and race to get out, being immersed into a fully sensory experience with interactive puzzles.

The game "Deadringers" takes place centuries ago when people were buried with bells, so they could ring them to alert gravekeepers if they were still alive. The goal of the 12-minute escape game is to find and ring the bell after you've been accidently buried alive.

"Deadringers," designed by the creators of The Escape Bus, is a technically-advanced game with lighting effects, Dolby 7.1 surround sound, mechanical puzzles, magnetic compartments and more. Like The Escape Bus, which is Orange County's only mobile escape game, this experience is not your typical "lock and key" game.

"There are two things most important to us in game design: story and immersion," said "Deadringers" Gamemaster Jonathan Katz. "There are many ‘standard' escape rooms in Southern California, and we're aiming to create something with our coffins that neither escape room nor haunt enthusiasts have seen before."

Although Katz admits that the game simulates being "buried alive," extra care was taken to ensure the coffins are padded, comfortable, spacious, and easy to get in and out of. The game is not meant to test your fear of tight spaces, he said. There is an emergency button that can be pressed at any time to open the coffin lid.

Bookings can be made for two people at a time in 15-minute intervals and cost $15 a person. The coffins are located at 31706 S Coast Hwy in Laguna Beach, Calif. The game will run Oct. 1 through Oct 31. More info and booking available at


For more information, contact Tyler Russell at

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