First dates are the best.

Ok, so maybe not all the time. Both of us definitely have our share of first date disaster stories - but our first date TOGETHER? Pure bliss. Maybe because we knew there was something special there. Maybe because the weather was turning more Fall-like. And maybe because we spent our first date in quaint, cozy, and romantic Laguna Beach. Whatever it was, it was magical. Fast forward five years and we had the brilliant idea to re-live our first date, and it was every bit as fun and blissful as the original.

Nick's Laguna Beach

For tradition's sake, our date night started with Bobby "picking me up", at our house. He drove around the block and then came knocking on our door... First win right there! ;) Next, just like it were 2012, we took PCH and headed south to Nick's Laguna Beach. If you haven't been to Nick's before, stop what you are doing, find the next free night on your calendar, and make a reservation. (They're always booked, so you'll definitely need one!) They have some of the best food, drinks, and service with a great overall vibe. It's one of those always dependable and always awesome kind of spots. Perfect for a first date!

Nick's Laguna Beach

We started with Nick's famous Asparagus Fries and Fried Deviled Eggs. Both of which are absolutely unreal - and we finished them in about a minute. That probably wouldn't have happened on our actual first date - but hey, we were hungry, they were delicious, and we're comfortable enough with each other that we can devour food and not care about manners. Oh, true love!!

Nick's Laguna Beach

Next course was the Ribs (Bobby) and the House-made Veggie Burger (Alli), both of which were equally amazing. Bobby said this wouldn't of happened on our first date, thinking finger-licking and rib-gnawing wouldn't be the most attractive thing. But hey, it's our second first date, so it's okay if we make a mess. We took our time eating our dishes, sipping on our cocktails, and reminiscing on all that has transpired since our first date there, nearly five years ago to the day! While a lot has changed in our relationship (marriage, a puppy, and lots of traveling adventures) our favorite little town of Laguna Beach has stayed relatively the same. And we LOVE that!

Main Beach

Just as we were starting to get extra sentimental, we realized we needed to get moving if we wanted to catch the sunset! We paid our bill, grabbed our coats, and headed toward the boardwalk at Main Beach across the street. There we had the perfect view of the most gorgeous sunset. We laughed about how on our first date, Bobby was too nervous to kiss Alli. We can vividly remember cuddling and watching the sunset together... but he just couldn't do it. Fast forward five years, and thankfully he's worked up the courage by now. ;)

Gelato Paradiso

Our "second first date" ended with gelato - as all dates should! Our favorite spot is Gelato Paradiso nestled in the cutest little alley, referred to as Peppertree Lane, and right around the corner from Nick's. They have the most TDF (To-Die-For) flavors that instantly transport us right back to Italy! We cheersed our gelatos and toasted to the best first date ever... and to many more to come!

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