Having a teenager is like experiencing a different kid almost every day between the dramatic growth, mood swings, and changing friendships. A couple things stay the same however- teens want to have fun and they actually do want to have that fun with their family - even if they don’t always show it. Going to Laguna Beach for the day, weekend, or vacation getaway is an ideal location to enjoy with your teenagers. Bringing a sand shovel and bucket to the beach won’t cut it anymore, however, so here are some great ideas to have a blast with your kids.

Go Shopping
The streets of Laguna Beach are lined with clothing boutiques, art galleries, and beautiful decorations. Search for a surf shop such as RWorld Surf Skate & Apparel or Hobie Surf Shop to pop into with your teen and let them soak in the California vibe. Drive down PCH to find Sound Spectrum and step back in time to show your teens how cool vinyl records are. Enjoy the taste of a sweet gelato from Dolce Gelato along the way.

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Get in the ocean
Adventurous teens will thrill to take a surf lesson and ride the waves. Rent or take a lesson on a stand-up paddleboard at SUP to YOU or CA Surf N’ Paddle and see the ocean from a whole new perspective. Take a boogie board to any beach and let your teen ride the waves. Explore the underwater parks and see the hidden beauty under the water with a snorkel or SCUBA instructor. Laguna Sea Sports is the place to start to get certified and go diving with instructors. The ocean will become a great playground for teens and is a good way for them to spend that restless energy.

Play at the beach
The sand volleyball courts of Main Beach attract pro-athletes and amateurs alike. Bring a volleyball and let teens hit and spike their afternoon away. Watch a basketball game in progress on the boardwalk or wait for a chance to shoot some hoops. Purchase a great beach game and let teens enjoy the fun of a sandy competition such as bocce ball, Spikeball®, KanJam, or soccer. 

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Try out ClueHoo, a top-notch scavenger hunt for a group adventure and spend a couple of hours of solving clues. Several small rewards are found along each of the 3 courses that take gamers to different parts of Laguna Beach. It’s a fun way to discover the art, history, and hidden gems of this beach town.
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Whale Watching
Get out on the water and see who can spot a whale spouting and breaching first. It’s incredible to view how huge these mammals truly are as they migrate from Alaska to Mexico and back every year. Captain Dave’s in Dana Point takes cruises daily and has naturalists on board to help guests see the whales and learn about these giant creatures.

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Take A Selfie
Just about everywhere you go in Laguna is a prime spot for a selfie. Let teens experiment with videos, photos, and selfies with art murals downtown, turquoise waters of the multiple coves, or the iconic beach boardwalk. If your teen would prefer to skip the selfie in favor of killer views, here are 8 epic spots to snap a photo in town. Be sure to tag #MyLagunaBeach to share your photos with us. 

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Art Galleries
Pop into any of the art galleries located around town- especially clustered along PCH- and see what your teen is drawn to. For instance, we’ve stopped to see “True Blues- Democratic Presidents Playing Poker” by Andy Thomas and quizzed each other on who could identify all the former presidents sitting around a table playing poker. Many teens may recognize the marine life dramatically painted and displayed by Wyland and visiting his gallery is a delight. Be sure to wander back to his patio which offers a prime spot to take a selfie with the ocean behind.
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