Baldemar Fierro is both a successful wedding photographer and an acclaimed fine artist. His work is featured at the Festival of Arts and one of his pieces was purchased for the festival's permanent collection last year.

Though most of Fierro's fine art work comes from his far-flung travels, he occasionally turns his keen eye to his adopted hometown of Laguna Beach. Rather than a traditional interview, we decided to let him tour us around through photos.

My favorite sunset spot is sitting on the benches overlooking the ocean at Montage Resort Laguna Beach. I do some work for the resort, so I'm there a lot. I like to watch the sunset in silence, then wander up the steps and across PCH to La Sirena Grill for dinner.

Sunset over Montage 

My best Laguna Beach secret? Here goes: one of the beaches right below those benches is sectioned off by sandstone formations on either side; if you're ready to climb over a few rocks you can have the beach to yourself on even the busiest summer day. Here's a pic of my daughter and her dog, enjoying all the open space.

Treasure Island_Baldemer 

I don't know of a better value than the Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club. My friends and I all belong. On Saturdays, you can find us bowling, chatting, and occasionally lounging on the grass.

Lawn bowling club_Laguna Beach 

The Laguna canyons are awesome to photograph. Those pitted caves that turn reddish in the late light-just stunning. This is artist Eric Gerdau during a round of "Canyon Golf", which we invented and play using whiffle balls.

Laguna Canyon 

Broadway by Amar Santana is my favorite restaurant in town. I also sometimes do art shows with them-here you can see my work on display and two of their most inventive bartenders.

Broadway_Laguna Beach 

Laguna is the best place I know to go on an incredible hike that doesn't take the whole day. Although sometimes you want it to take the whole day! I love wandering between trails for hours, camera in hand.

Laguna canyon_Laguna Beach 

The Saloon is the definition of a local hangout. Everyone's friendly, the vibe is good and so are the drinks. In fact, a chalkboard behind the bar reads "Be Nice or Go to Newport!"-which pretty much sums up the collective attitude. Order the famous Pino: pineapple-infused vodka mixed with cranberry juice.

The Saloon_Laguna Beach 

People who know food tell me that Laguna Beach has the best farmer's market in Orange County. I believe it! I'm there every Saturday morning, shopping and taking the occasional plum candid.

Farmer's Market_Laguna Beach 

I'll leave you with one last image. This is Treasure Island, the beach right below the Montage (just a few hundred yards from my secret beach). The resort's grounds team keeps the property free of trash, debris, and even seaweed. As a result, it's an ultra-clean stretch of sand, perfect for a day of lounging, body surfing, or picnicking. In fact, we've had my daughter's past two birthdays there! Coves_Laguna Beach

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