Swimming at the beautiful beaches and walking along the cliff line with brilliant ocean views is one of the many reasons tourists flock to Laguna Beach each year. But did you know that there are many family-friendly activities in this small, art-inspiring town? Here’s an inside scoop on things to enjoy with kids.

Tidepool visit Laguna Beach 
Nestled into the many coves of Laguna are rock formations that are in the tidal zone. This means that small ocean creatures make them their home and are fed with the changing of the tides. Find out when low tide is occurring by downloading the Visit Laguna Beach app, wear sturdy shoes and head to the tide pools at the north end of Main Beach, Crescent Beach, Treasure Island Beach, or Moss Street Cove to find anemones, purple sea urchins, tiny rock fish, thousands of little crabs and hermit crabs, and if you are lucky, a large seastar. Be sure to see with your eyes and not touch or remove any of the sea creatures in order to keep the sea life rich, healthy and abundant.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center Laguna Beach 

Located right along Laguna Canyon Road is this center - a nonprofit that aims to “rescue, medically treat and rehabilitate marine mammals … and release healthy animals back to their natural habitat.” Families can walk by the fenced in marine animals (mostly sea lions) who are resting, getting fed, and rehabilitating so that they can be returned to the ocean. Although it is a small center and a visit may be quick - kids will get a glimpse into how people are able to make a difference in an animal’s life. Field trips are available for groups as well as an after school program that meets once a month. For more information on visiting PMMC visit Trekaroo Family Travel Blog

Laguna Beach Koi Ponds 

Right next door to the Marine Mammal Center is this small outdoor shop filled with small ponds of koi in all shapes and colors. There is a rock pond near the back with lilies and large koi who love having kids visit. They seem to hear people’s voices and come up to “kiss” the top of the water, looking for food. It’s best to come Thursday through Sunday when the staff are available to give kids a small cup of food to feed the fish. For more information about visiting the Koi Ponds visit Trekaroo Family Travel Blog

ClueHoo Laguna Beach 
Parents and kids can work together to solve clues and riddles in this cleverly put together scavenger hunt. ClueHoo participants start at the official kiosk and are given “tools” to complete their quest. Using a smart phone, players read clues and start walking along the streets of Laguna Beach to get to specific destinations. Once there, they solve clues and enter them into their phones in order to get the next clue. Surprises and treats are part of the experience - we loved having some ice cream on the beach halfway through our scavenger hunt!

alta laguna park laguna beach 
This playground and park seemed to be perched at the top of the world - which is what gives the local school that name. From the vista point, you can hike to the water towers which feed Laguna Beach and are cleverly buried under the hill. The views of the Pacific Ocean stretch for miles. On a clear day one can see Catalina Island and even the distant San Clemente Island. From the playground area, the views stretch across Orange County to Saddleback Mountain. Enjoy a picnic, playtime, hiking, and incredible views at this park! For more information about enjoying Alta Laguna Park, visit Trekaroo Family Travel Blog

Laguna Canyon Hiking 
Sandstone caves, dried creeks where a waterfall can appear during rain, and ancient oaks can be found when hiking the Laurel Canyon Trail in Laguna Canyon. For an excursion away from the beach, don’t miss this gem of a hike. For more detailed information on hiking the canyon with the family, visit our full length story here